YAC Virus Removal Tool

Completely Free & One-click Solution

  • Protect the Browser from Multiple Malicious Plug-ins
  • A Powerful Registry Cleaner That Doesn't Break Things
  • Clear Browser History to Protect Your Privacy
  • Speeds up Slow Computers, Helps Save Disk Space with Ease
  • Easy-to-Handle and Simple Interface even if you are a newcomer
  • What Is YAC?

    All-In-One PC Protection Service with Malware Removal, Outdated Registry&Cookies Cleaner, Privacy Protection and System Cleaning Capabilities.

  • Why Use YAC?

    • 100% Free and Over 2,000,000 Customers
    • One-Click Remove New Virus and Malicious Plug-ins
    • 24h Keep Surfing and Shopping Safe Online
  • Users're Saying...

    "I installed YAC only a few days ago and very pleased with it so far. Several tough malware problems solved and my pc has never been faster for the last half years."
    - Eddie 07/20/13 1:37:23

What does Professional YAC Virus Removal software do?

YAC is exactly that: an efficient little program makes fast work of outdated registry entries, cookies, and temporary files. YAC also helps protect your browser from malicious plug-ins. Via clear out of cache/browser history,emptying the recycle bin,old Windows logs,memory dumps and other "unseen" objects to speeds up slow computers, helps save disk space and keep computer running smoothly.

  • Scans a computer system at lightning fast speed, with a single button clean up and optimize the computer system
  • Automatically clears cache/browser history and emptying the recycle bin
  • Protect the browser from malicious plug-ins
  • Software manager is used to remove processes which are currently running
  • Disable or Start-up Delay some software that don't need to start along with the computer boot.
  • YAC's Boosting ball, accelerates computer's running speed and keep computer running smoothly by one click.

Absolutely 100% Free

Reliable and One-click remove virus include browser hijacker/malware/spyware with easy interface.